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“Knowing that you were in charge of the music for our daughter’s wedding gave me such confidence and peace of mind that it would be absolutely beautiful – and it was! My family and I are so grateful to you for all the time and energy you expended to create the musical magic that everyone enjoyed. So many of the notes we have received contained comments on ‘the beautiful music.’ Hopefully the future holds another occasion that will allow us the privilege of working with you again.”

“Thanks for supplying such a wonderful group of players…it was a delight and a terrific performance. Hope to do it again!!!”

“The string quartet was lovely and added to the ambiance of the reception for our wedding celebration.”

“After a full month, we are still receiving great reviews from our clients about the Keynote Presentation in Las Vegas. Thank you so much for all the guidance you gave us, and for the great work you did in preparing for the orchestra and its performance… It would be a great pleasure if we have an opportunity to work together again someday.”

“My very special thanks to you and all the musicians who presented a most memorable wedding . . . Everyone so enjoyed the music and loved the vocalists, the instruments, and organ . . . I have had so many many notes from friends sharing their feelings and pleasure in attending such a wonderful evening. Your efforts and talents made it all possible . . . I do believe their dreams of a wedding were more than accomplished . . .”

“I wanted to drop you a note along with CD that you worked on. It released last week. Your part was so vital to the project. I’m overwhelmed at the talent God has given you and want to thank you for making it a success . . . I’m hoping that we get the chance to work together again in the near future.”

“Thank you so much for every effort you made in providing us with the most brilliant violinists . . . “

“Thank you so much for your willingness to help in my recital! I really enjoyed working with you, and I appreciate your learning such difficult music.”